Honour and celebrate our relationship with the  earth through immersion of arts, meditation, mindfulness and yoga in the ancient setting of Wolstonbury Hill, and Chantry Farm eco campsite.


Over the weekend we’ll reconnect with ourselves through grounding practices and recalibrate to the natural earth frequency.

In Japanese culture the arts are centred around and come from the hara - the guts - the energetic centre point of the body.

We’ll learn to tap into this energy through simple opening Qi Qong practices, align to the summer season with Zen yoga postures, begin and end the day with sunrise and sunset meditations, walk on the South Downs and explore the expression of what is revealed through art - expressive painting (how to truly let go) and Japanese Zen calligraphy.

In the evening we’ll have an open film night in the farm barn, followed by a campfire for deep listening and sharing from the heart.


Engaging in this way can unlock ‘stuff’ within us, we’ll be here to hold space if this happens.

All meals will be catered.


Chantry Farm is a truly sustainable eco farm with it’s own bore hole for water, solar panels for electricity and compost loos.

The indigenous wildlife abounds here!


6pm 23rd - 4pm 25th August

Derya Erdem has an MA in fine art is an artist, ceramicist, painter and Zenways qualified mindfulness and yoga teacher.

Matt Daigu Farren is a Zen teacher and Zenways mindfulness and yoga teacher, a naive painter and Zen calligraphy practitioner.

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