Summer Solstice Camping Retreat 2019 - Gaunts House Forest

Weds 19 June 12 midday - Friday 22nd June Lunchtime.


Based on the traditional Rinzai Zen Forest Practice of spontaneity and allowing. When we engage with his practice, at some point we enter 'the forest' or shine a light into dark corners (Zen term - 'Turning the lamp around') of aspects which we may have been previously unaware, often unconsciously. This retreat is around allowing this to unfold in a soft, engaging way, within a safe environment.

We'll share time and energy with trees whilst inquiring on our relationship with nature.

Dyads and a Koan are used as a way to help clearly see this and express what arises to a partner.

They'll be loosening up exercises, Yoga, Qi Qong, mindful movement, sea shanties, dancing...then

we'll have camp fires and the opportunity to sit through the night and explore through spontaneous movement or sound, anything which arises during this opportune time. The camp fire will be manned through the night.

Camp fire Deep listening and Sharing From The Heart on Thursday night and Friday before lunch.

Sun Salutaions and Summer Zen Yoga will start the final day and Enso painting as a final expression of this time.

Dip in or out as much as seems right for you. There is an experienced team of Mat, Luke & Carl on hand.

Cost £85 to Gaunts House for, Camping, Facilities and Food. Plus Donation (suggested) £80 - £150

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