Somatic Step Work Workshop leading to 8 week online or in person course


The 12 Step Recovery Program through the felt sense of the body.


For anyone with addictive behavioral patterns which pull us away from moving towards wholeness of being.


For those who may have already worked through the steps, this is a way of doing so again at another level. More is revealed through conscious and unconscious adaption. As we grow spiritually the vessel to contain what is revealed by the unconscious becomes greater in line with this growth. Change is a universal law, we need to grow or we stagnate and reverses if not, either charged with positive or negative intent – the choice is ours to take. Desert Island or Love Island…


“Who looks outside, dreams – who looks inside, awakes”

C.G. Jung


Carl Jung’s premise that people with addictive natures use mind or mood altering substances or act out in stuck behavioral patterns, not only to allay symptoms of disease but to feel whole or complete. In this method we get to see how these patterns have served us, how they have become unhelpful and what needs to happen now.


A method of engaging with the inherent wisdom alive within our soma. Learning how to enter into dialogue with this and interpret the messages through symbols and felt sense.


Moving towards Union of mind/body the conscious/unconscious of regaining sovereignty of being - becoming our own archetype, beautifully unique to each of us.


Discovering the Cloud of Unknowing within – which paradoxically knows the way forward - our inherent live resource available at all times through true prayer and meditation.


“You are asking yourself, as all of us must: ‘Who am I?’...’Where am I?’…’Whence do I go?’..The process of enlightenment is usually slow, but in the end, our seeking always brings a finding. These great mysteries are, after all, enshrined in complete simplicity.”

Bill W


If this all sounds a bit weird – yep, if you take the word weird – coming from Wyyrrd - a Welsh word meaning having one foot in the conscious world and one in the unconscious – Jung’s transcendent function – the conscious rational mind and the unconscious, we look at method’s of normalizing this – because, well… it’s normal…