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The 8 week course is a 2 hour session per week where we learn the 4 main practices of mindfulness and meditation - body scan, counting breath, following breath,  leading to simply sitting in presence.

Along the way we'll learn The 8 Strands of Brocade, simple Qi Qong movements which open up our meridian lines, unblocking them and allowing energy to move freely.

Walking meditation - this is a great way of linking mindful awareness into our every day living.

We'll learn the Makko Ho stretches - simple yoga poses which also open up our meridian lines.

Simple breathing techniques, proven to relieve stress and engender calm.

Sound resonance, healing sounds for our organs and body which dissipate tension, stress and anxiety.

We have an ongoing group which meets weekly to further the practice, getting to the root of  our suffering, supporting each other and sharing our practice through the process.

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