My meditation and bodywork practice started in 1992 as part of a twelve step recovery program. I’ve been free from my primary addictions to alcohol and drugs now for over 27 years. The’ Gift of Desperation’ is a great driver.

This has needed physical, mental and spiritual practices to help align to the process of becoming what I am


As a recovering Buddhist too – I first took precepts in 1996 training in a Soto Zen tradition then becoming a Zen Teacher (Sensei) in a Rinzai Zen tradition,

leaving that role in 2019 – I can offer some insight into spiritual bypassing and transference

I bring my honest understanding of Jung’s deeply esoteric, alchemical process of individuation


I’m an Enlightenment Master offering Enlightenment Intensives through out the year in the UK and abroad, trained in the method originayed by American psychologist and Yogi Charles Berner, by Lawrence Noyes, in the US, Jake  and Eva Chapman and Zen Master Daizan Skinner here in the UK. Primarily as an alternative offering for awakening needed for addicts to gain traction with moving out of behavioral patterns.


I offer methods which have helped me on the way to make sense of and embody awakening and shifts of perception.


I am trained as a Zen Yoga teacher, Qi Qong for healing sounds and seasonal and postural, energy alignment.


The Taoists understood that all experiences are stored in the body – allowing these to be unlocked is a way of emptying the stored, trapped stuff to be finally released – this happens in it’s own time by the unconscious – so safely, incrementally.


Spontaneous movement, shaking meditation, Qi running, breath work.


Spiritualty comes from the Latin for breath. ‘Getting something off your chest’ allows us to breath fully, cleanly. When we do this there’s potential for joy in every breath.


Focusing – the felt sense leading the way,  This can be used with dream journaling too – seeing what the unconscious is saying to us when the conscious guard is down.


Mind Clearing, to clarify and see patterns and how the mind has kept us locked into patterns through survival needs.


“The mind is generated when communication between individuals has not occurred.” Charles Berner


Allowing communication to take place with those living now and those who have passed on.


Sorrow Clearing - spontaneous movement with music. Ecstasis – allowing grief to be seen and passed through the soma by getting out of the way and what movements need to happen to do so. Culturally we are divorced from this – it happens in most other cultures worldwide. Doing this in a safe space – a vessel to fall apart in and be held.

Matt Farren