The ongoing, disorienting and discombobulating crisis, is impacting us individually, collectively and societally – this is revealed to us, physically and mentally as stress and anxiety. By listening to the inherent wisdom of the soma, we can allow our own way to natural rebalance unfurl.. To help make sense of this process, I offer safe, simple practices which help this occur. The body knows the way, if we allow it to, and give it the space needed to do so.


Ancient wisdom practices, modern western psychological methods and innovative acoustic vibro technology are methods to help stuck energy, behavioral patternsand de identification of narrative unlock.

Guided meditations,Yoga, Qi Qong, healing soundwork,  Ombed vibro acoustic sound technology, somatic dialogue, mind clearing, self inquiry, deep listening, spontaneous movement, mindfulness, shaking, cold water immersion, energy exchange with trees, walking, grounding, breath work are all part of the mix which we learn to appropriately respond to and allow to guide the way.

I am not offering therapy, though therapeutic benefits occur.


When two beings come together in common intent to allow what needs to be seen, heard and honored, a positive reaction naturally happens. This is the thread which we explore together. This process of ‘not knowing’ allows access to our own individual ‘way’ of restoration, alignment and resilience.


For those with addictive patterns, I offer somatic step work based on the 12 step recovery program, interpreted through the felt sense of the body, allowing deeper healing and understanding of the disease.

Addiction – a behavioral pattern which pulls us away from wholeness of being.


Spiritual experiences, life events, despair, unanswered questions arisen out of mindfulness courses can all be disconcerting and bewildering – together, we can make sense of and normalize these.