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Awakingbody is a secular, non dualistic way, open to all, asking nothing of anyone apart from a commitment to practice.

Awakingbody is a simple way of listening to the intuitive wisdom of the body with relaxed awareness.

Through postures, movement, stillness, sound resonance and breath work I offer ways to engage with the ongoing process of embodying being human and all that this can bring up for us individually and collectively. -Engaging in a rich history of ancient practices, simplified and offered in a clear, direct way for our modern, western minds.

Through practice we can learn to live in this relaxed flow continuity. As this truth of our natural state reveals itself, becoming the reference point we relax into, we  effortlessly return to the heart centered awareness of here and now.

Awakingbody has evolved through my own 25 years of  daily practice. I offer courses, 1 to 1, workshops and retreats working from the understanding that awakening is our birthright, rather than some mystical jewel. We can have it all right now!

The ongoing process of befriending our dragon is a lifetime's dance and it seems helpful to walk alongside others who are willing to look into and inquire what this is.


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